I’m fascinated by creative people, so my contemporary fiction focuses on characters in the arts who are at a crossroads in their life. At the heart of my stories, are the relationships my characters make with others and how these relationships drive their journey.


Gail Pasternack is passionate about living a creative life. She approaches eating as a sensual adventure, loves modern figurative art, street photography, and jazz singing. Devoted to helping writers and creative people reach their dreams, Gail has served on the Willamette Writers Board of Directors since 2015 and as president since 2019. Her story, “Asmodai in Portland”, was published by Reclaiming Judaism Press in the New Mitzvah Stories for the Whole Family anthology, and her travel essay, “Whiskey Forward”, was published in Wanderlust Journal. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and masters from Columbia University. Gail and her husband reside in Portland where they are active members of the Tango community.

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