Barcelona EveningWelcome to the Writings of Gail Pasternack where I blog about the passions that influence my writing, including food, art, folklore, and my cultural background. You will find blogs about my home town, my culture, recipes, and more. Follow this link to see all of my blog posts.

Living in Portland
I am not a native Portlandian. I spent the early part of my adult life in New York City, and while I love New York, it’s hard to live there and raise a family. So when the opportunity to move came, we jumped on the chance and found ourselves in Portland, a place that Shawn Mullins has called “a small town with a bigger city smile”. In my opinion, Portland epitomizes quirky and artsy, which makes “Living in Portland” the perfect subcategory for my blog. Here I get to talk about everything I love about Portland.

Jewish Traditions
I write general fiction with Jewish characters and fantasy fiction inspired by Jewish folklore. In this section of my blog, I write about holidays, folklore, food, and other aspects of the Jewish culture.

Food is an important aspect of culture, which is why I developed cuisines for my fantasy world and why holiday foods are so important in my home. And since my son is gluten-intolerant and my husband and I are on reduced gluten diets, we like to develop gluten-free recipes. In this section, I have recipes we developed for Awan, gluten-free diets, and the Jewish holidays.

Explore Awan
Awan is a continent on the fantasy fiction world of Nehemah that I created to inspire my writing. In this section, I have blogs about the tribes and demons of Awan.