Introduction to Awan

Map of Awan_webWelcome to my blog, Crossing the Demons’ Threshold. Over the last few years, I have created a fantasy fiction world inspired by Jewish Folklore and other aspects of my heritage and life experience. And since Jews live all over the earth, I have also drawn on aspects of other cultures to help me create this unique, fantastical world. I am writing a book series, which is in development, but I’ll be using this blog to have fun with the world.

The people living on the Awan continent come from twelve tribes, which were inspired by the twelve tribes of Israel. There are cultural clashes between the tribes based on historical conflicts and differences in lifestyles. But tension does not only come from the conflict between tribes. As the title of this blog suggests, there are demons interfering in the lives of the Awan people. In upcoming blogs I will share fun information about each tribe, recipes for their food (since I am a foodie and what culture doesn’t have food), information about the different groups of demons, tidbits about the various influences I drew upon to create this world, and anecdotes from my experiences. Please join me in this journey to another world.

2 thoughts on “Introduction to Awan

  1. Looking forward.
    How do I like on Facebook?
    No easy link here

    1. Hi, Joan. If you scroll to the top of the page, there is a blue F on the right side, just above my photo. Click on that and it will take you to the Facebook page.

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