The Uriah Tribe


In my fantasy world, the Uriah consider themselves the light of Awan. In ancient Awan (and Hebrew), Uriah means “the light of Yah” (Yah is one of the many Hebrew names for G-d). It’s a lofty name that totally fits how the Uriah view themselves. After all, the ancient kings of Awan, as well as the most famous spiritual leaders, philosophers, and teachers, all came from the Uriah tribe.

Unfortunately, Awan no longer has kings. Barbarian invaders ended the rule of kings over a united Awan centuries ago. Though the separate Awan tribes freed themselves from those villainous conquerors, demons, on a rampage led by their king Asmodai, killed all of the Uriah Yuma, the descendants of the kings. Without a king, the Awan tribes never reunited.

Today, most Uriah own small businesses or operate small farms. On the surface they’re not the enlightened people their name suggests. Still, they manage to publish about ninety percent of the books in Awan and are proud of their fine universities and libraries. Books and education. Of course the Uriah are the light of Awan.

Uriah Facts:

Tribal Land– Uriyana
Location– Northern Awan
Capital– Levanna
Religious Center– Istas
Natural Features– Zaltana & Hotah Mountains, Lake Chenoa, Angeni & Amitola Rivers
Meloshan Star Pattern– Canary Yellow and Violet
Gemstone– Amethyst

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