The Beturi Demons

Black four-point star on red and yellow-green backgroundLike Yin has its Yang, each tribe in my fantasy world has an associated group of demons living in a parallel realm. Even the Uriah, the light of Awan, have their dark side, manifest in the Beturi. Actually the Beturi are only dark on the inside; on the outside these creatures create plenty of light since their greenish skin gives off a phosphorescent glow.

The Beturi enjoy dancing, playing music, and riding sea monsters, an act that infuriates Leviathan, the dangerous Prince of the Seas and ruler of all sea monsters. Of course this is not what makes them dangerous and dark. The Beturi use the light emanating from their skin to lead  travelers astray and run ships aground on stormy nights. Survivors of shipwrecks become slaves of the Beturi and are forced to entertain the demons. Once the Beturi tire of a slave, he or she is torn apart while still alive and fed to the sea monsters.

What does this have to do with Uriah? Uriyana, the homeland of the Uriah, is the only region that borders both the Miakoda and Donoma Oceans and, more importantly, the only region with a salt water lake–Lake Melakh up in the Zaltana Mountains. Unbeknownst to most Uriah, Lake Melakh is also the only passageway, or threshold, between the Beturi’s realm and Awan. When you cross this threshold, you enter an underwater, mother-of-pearl city surrounding an Amethyst palace, the home of their leader Matwau, a noble of King Asmodai’s court. Once in this city, you can travel to anywhere within the seas surrounding Awan–that is, if you survive your visit.

Try not to run into a Beturi. With their hot tempers and sharp claws, they are extremely deadly. If you do encounter one, you can appease it with music or keep it away with fire, which they fear almost as much as sunlight. Exposing them to sunlight will blind them and burn their skin; though, unfortunately, it will not kill them.

Beturi Facts

Parallel Awan Tribe: Uriah
Realm: Salt Water/Underwater Cities
Threshold: Lake Melakh
Nickname: Incandescent Demons

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