The Dayag Tribe

Star pattern for Dayag tribe

Today we meet the Dayag tribe from my fantasy world of Awan. In Hebrew Dayag means fisherman. On Awan, no one is superior to this tribe on the seas. If the Dayag know anything, they know this. They are the lords of the seas, masters of the rivers, experts on everything maritime, and the only real fishermen in Awan. True, many Awan fish, but not commercially, and not with the skill or mastery of the Dayag. After all, they are the only tribe to supply the Awan with a steady supply of fresh fish. While people from other tribes may own fishing businesses, their ships are built and operated by the Dayag. Even the marauding whalers of the Barak tribe, despite their loathing of the Dayag, use nautical supplies and sail ships designed and built by the artisans of Dayagana, a fact the Dayag are quick to mention, especially in the presence of the Barak.

How can an entire tribe dedicate itself to fishing and maritime endeavors? Aren’t there some people who do other things? There are some—bards, teachers, spiritual leaders, shop owners, and even government workers. A tribe couldn’t be a tribe without these people, but they are the exception, not the rule. It is said that even those Dayag who do not make their living on the water, have water in their veins. They wouldn’t be Dayag if they didn’t.

                                                           Dayag Facts:

Tribal Land– Dayagana
Location– Western Awan
Capital– Chapa
Religious Center– Lise
Natural Features– Hesin and Takoda Rivers
Meloshan– Blue Gray and Peach
Gemstone– Moonstone

2 thoughts on “The Dayag Tribe

  1. marilyn pasternack July 26, 2013 — 6:06 pm

    I think all the information on this blog is facinating. I read all of your blogs over again during the week.Is all of this in your book. Jack has to read this to me because there is smomething wron with my printer. When it is fixed I will continue to save all your blogs.But I think this one is facinating.

    1. Thank you, Marilyn. You ask a really good question. No, not all of the information here is in my manuscript. While I have characters from different tribes, and several types of demons enter (and complicate) those character’s lives, I will not bog down my story with information. That’s the purpose of this blog, to give me a fun place to share my world-building.

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