The Munalu Demons

Black four-point star on red and yellow-green backgroundWhile the Dayag consider themselves Lords of the Seas and Masters of the Rivers, the Munalu consider themselves Masters of the Fish. If you asked a Munalu if it considered itself evil, it would say no, that is if it chose to answer you without killing you first. And therein lies the problem. The Munalu think of themselves as the protectors of fish and claim that they only attack greedy Awan who overfish, but in truth they are willing to attack anyone foolish enough to cross their path.

Munalu look like giant amphibians with the body of salamanders and the face of frogs, really ugly frogs. Unlike amphibians they have featherless wings and scaly skin like fish, and they walk on two legs with their long tails dragging on the ground. If you ever encounter a Munalu, be careful of their tails, which they use to knock a person unconscious. And don’t underestimate their claws, because, though they are small, they are strong enough to rip a man’s heart out of his chest. The Munalu love to eat a man’s heart while it is still beating.

The Munalu dwell in all the rivers of Awan, but their realm exists parallel to Dayagana. If you want to crossover into their realm, though I’m not sure you would want to, their threshold lies in the middle of the Pachua Marsh at the mouth of the Hesin River.

If you do encounter a Munalu, you can appease it with music or confuse it by wearing all of your clothes inside out and your shoes on the wrong feet. This may shock it long enough for you to get away, which I strongly suggest doing.

Munalu Facts

Parallel Awan Tribe: Dayag
Realm: Fresh Water/Rivers
Threshold: Pachua Marsh
Nickname: River Demons

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