Food Stories with Larry Fournillier

UriahCodSalunaOn Sunday, January 26, I will be the featured guest on Larry Fournillier’s Hangout On Air show “Food Stories.” I am so excited. According to Larry, “Everyone has a story, they want to tell it and I want to share it.” I am honored he wants to share my story about my fantasy world, it’s cuisine, and my passion for Jewish Folklore.

Larry owns a private catering business, Island Cuisine, in Trinidad and Tobago and is a presenter and producer of several Hangouts On Air series. He started over two years ago with “Learning How to Cook Caribbean,” and now has over a million followers. He also offers “Helpouts” where he will help you cook one of his recipes via a Google + hangout. I have done one with him, and not only did it result in one terrific meal, it was a blast. Larry makes cooking so much fun.

During the show, my husband, Alan, will prepare the Uriah Saluna dish, I will tell stories about Awan, and my friend Rivkah Coburn will tell a Jewish tale. Rivkah is a trained maggid (a Jewish storyteller and teacher). She is a wonderful storyteller, and I am so happy she can join us on “Food Stories.”

Please join us on Sunday by following this link for the hangout: S1E4-featuring Gail Pasternack.

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