The Napak Tribe

sapphire blue and gray tessellating star patternOnce known as fierce warriors, the Napak have turned their interest in conquest to a focus on dominating trade in gem stones and precious metals. Over the last few centuries, the Napak have become world renowned for the artistry of their jewelry.

Though the Napak neither trust nor like the other Awan tribes, they strive for positive relations. What would trade be without it? Still, they have never mended their relationship with the Namir. For years the Napak have wanted to mine in southern Namirsa, but the Namir would rather wage war than cut down a tree in the Adoette Forest. Needless to say, the tribes hate each other.

Unlike other tribes, the Napak build down. Only the top floor of their buildings has windows to the outside world. The other floors are built underground. Many of the other Awan tribes consider this an odd practice, but the Napak know they have the most beautiful cities and towns on Awan.

                                                        Napak facts

Tribal Land– Napakim
Location– mid-Awan
Capital and Religious center– Ziva
Natural features– Hariel mountains; Takoda, Hesin, and Macawi Rivers; Aafel Canyon
Meloshan– Sapphire Blue and Gray
Gemstone– Sapphire

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