The Akanu Demons

Black four-point star on red and yellow-green backgroundLike the Napak, the Akanu demons are attracted to money and jewels and prefer to dwell underground. However, the comparison ends there. While the Napak take pride in making fine jewelry, the Akanu take pride in stealing it. They also enjoy creating disorder by breaking things, starting rumors, and causing rock slides and mine fires.

Akanu have short statures and small feet but long arms that almost reach the ground. They have furless tails similar to a rodent and wings resembling those of a bat. Though they spend most of their time in darkness, they have wrinkled, weathered skin as if they had spent years in the sun. Fangs protrude from their snouts and would be their most dangerous feature if their claws weren’t so sharp. Although they prefer to kill people in a rock slide or mine fire, they will not hesitate to use their claws to tear someone apart limb from limb.

Since Akanu always do the opposite of what you say, the Awan call them the contradictors. The wise Awan who encounters an Akanu can use that tendency to trick it. In a famous Awan oral tale, the religious leaders Baram Zitkala and Herschel Zalman fooled an Akanu by telling it that they wished to be tortured. In the end, the Akanu not only let Baram and Herschel live, it gave them a gift. Akanu can also be duped into warning people of future disasters, so if you’re brave, you may want to seek them out. You are most likely to find them near the canyons along the Takoda River in Napakim, or you could cross the threshold into their realm, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Akanu facts

Parallel Awan Tribe: Napak
Realm: canyons and underground caves
Threshold: located in the Arafel Canyon of the Takoda River
Nickname: contradictors

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