The Sakhar Tribe

SakharOf all the tribes of Awan, the Sakhar embrace commerce more than any other. While many Sakhar are farmers, artists, and artisans, the most influential and successful Sakhar tribesmen are merchants. Sure, the Uriah publish most of the books on Awan and the Dayag catch the most fish, but no other tribe would read Uriah books or eat Dayag fish if Sakhar merchants didn’t bring those goods to markets in the cities and towns of each tribal land. Sakhar merchants scour all of Awan looking for goods to sell from every tribe. Even the Napak, who insist on running their own jewelry stores all over Awan, use Sakhar merchants to sell their gems and jewelry abroad.

Most Awan never leave their own tribal land, let alone the continent of Awan, but Sakhar merchants sail to exotic ports all over the world of Nehemah. Perhaps it’s more because of their adventurous hearts than their quest for profit, though a little gold never hurt. Even the Sakhar who have never left home take pride in their tribe’s worldliness and the sophistication that travel brings.

To promote trade, the Sakhar need to stay on friendly relations with all Awan tribes. Yet one tribe, the Eshkol, rankle the Sakhar since they have no respect for Sakhar worldliness. In fact, the Eshkol consider the Sakhar cultural bumpkins. That doesn’t stop Sakhar merchants from selling Eshkol wine, but no Sakhar has anything nice to say about their neighbors to the northwest.

Sakhar facts

Tribal Land– Sakhara
Location– southern Awan
Capital and Religious center– Ravenna
Natural features– Takoda, and Macawi Rivers; Ozara and Aban Bay
Meloshan– Scarlet Red and Slate Blue
Gemstone– Spessartite Garnet

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