The Shiriki Demons

Black four-point star on red and yellow-green backgroundLike the Sakhar, the Shiriki have no qualms about traveling beyond their own realm to interact with others, yet they do not share the Sakhar sense of adventure. Instead, the Shiriki are motivated by a desire to manipulate and control others. Their leader, Asmodai, the most manipulative and controlling Shiriki, rules all Awan demons as their king. Most stories describe Asmodai’s lust, wrath, and vengeful nature, but he also has a sardonic and sarcastic sense of humor and sometimes a charming demeanor. In fact, all Shiriki can be charming when they put their minds to it. And when they do, beware. They seduce men and women, cause sickness, or use people for their own purposes and then kill them afterwards. But none of the Shiriki are as dangerous as Asmodai, who will mesmerize his victims if charm alone doesn’t work.

In their true form, Shiriki have charcoal-black skin and long snouts like dogs. Their legs and feet resemble those of roosters, and like all Awan demons, they have wings, though they rarely fly. All male Shiriki sport a goatee, the quality of which indicates their manliness (or more appropriately, their demonliness). Despite pride in their natural appearance, the Shiriki will shapeshift to match that of other demons, animals, or the Awan.

In their shapeshifted form, Shiriki can be detected because they cast no shadow and leave rooster footprints behind. If you encounter one, you can appease it with music or disarm it with prayer, honorable intensions, or selfless acts of bravery. And if you encounter Asmodai, do not meet his hypnotic stare.

Shiriki Facts

Parallel Awan Tribe: Sakhar
Realm: deserted places
Threshold: cliffs of the Ozara Bay, north of the town of Yeshai
Nickname: the Shapeshifters

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