The Tamar Tribe

TamarIn Hebrew Tamar means date palm while Ittamar means palm island. In my fantasy world, the Tamar tribe lives on Ittamar, the volcanic archipelago close to the southeastern shore of Awan. Ittamar enjoys the same tropical climate as that of southern Sakhara, but the Tamar culture couldn’t be more different from the Sakhar. While the Sakhar take pride in their adventurous spirit and cunning business sense, the Tamar take pride in their hospitality, charitable nature, and ability to enjoy life.

According to the Awan religion (and Judaism), people should open their houses to strangers. Giving hospitality to those who are hungry or need shelter is a legal obligation on Awan. No one takes this responsibility more seriously than the Tamar. They offer hospitality to everyone, rich and poor alike. Every year on the Awan autumn festival of Khag-Katseer, the Tamar come together to build houses for newlyweds, young families, the disabled, and the elderly. And every Friday Tamar tribesmen bring food to those who cannot afford to feed themselves.

Yet the other Awan tribes do not know the Tamar for their charity. The other tribes consider the Tamar as an easygoing people who prefer reveling to hard work. While most Awan do not leave their tribal lands, wealthy Awan do travel to the leisure resorts of Ittamar to enjoy the sunshine, white sand beaches, and the fine Tamar hospitality. And since the Tamar embrace the performing arts, no place offers better entertainment. The Tamar consider performing to be so important that when Tamar youth undergo the rite-of-passage to become full-fledged tribal members, they must demonstrate mastery in dancing, music, storytelling, or acting.

Tamar Facts

Tribal Land– Ittamar (islands- Akai, Hazara, Nikaea, and Helaku)
Location– SE of Awan continent
Capital– Nava on Akai island
Religious Center– Arek on Hazara island
Natural Features– Mt. Wakanda (volcano) on Helaku island
Meloshan– Aquamarine and Orange
Gemstone– Aquamarine

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