The Paytah Demons

Black four-point star on red and yellow-green backgroundThe other day a friend of mine said that “Crossing the Demons’ Threshold” was a strange name for a food blog. And if I were writing a food blog, it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing about food and creating recipes and will continue to do so. It’s just not the sole purpose of this blog. “Crossing the Demons’ Threshold” gives me an opportunity to share the back story of my fantasy fiction world as well as all the wonderful tidbits I created before I sat down to write the first book, including the cuisine. But you can’t have a demon’s threshold to cross without demons, which gets me to today’s topic: the Paytah, the fire demons of the Tamar tribe.

The Paytah enjoy revelry as much as the Tamar do, but they don’t need the excuse of entertaining guests or celebrating festivals to party. The Paytah love to drink and eat to excess every day, and since they are not bound by the misguided charitable inclinations of the Tamar, they can consume all they want. There’s no need to save anything for the less fortunate. And if they can’t get enough food and drink on their own, they steal from the Tamar.

These demons enjoy entertainment as much as the Tamar do, but the performing arts bore the Paytah. They need excitement, which they get by creating natural disasters. They dwell in obsidian palaces deep in the volcanoes of Ittamar, so creating earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and fires is second nature to them.

If you encounter the Paytah, you will recognize them immediately. They lack the snout many of the other demons have, instead their facial features look more like the Awan. But there’s nothing human about their reddish skin, three toed feet, and three taloned claws. Their black eyes also give them a distinctive inhuman quality as do their oversized wings and long tails.

Now, if you do encounter the Paytah, try not to panic. You can appease them with rum and coconut milk; they are island demons after all. You’d better have a lot of  rum though, since these demons need plenty of alcohol to get drunk. If you don’t have enough rum, you can distract them with humor and music or trick them into doing mindless tasks like counting grains of sand. They will bore quickly, but it will give you enough time to run away, which I recommend you do.

Paytah Facts

Parallel Awan Tribe: Tamar
Realm: volcanoes of Ittamar
Threshold: peak of Mt. Wakandu on Helaku Island
Nickname: the fire demons

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