The Eshkol Tribe

EshkolLike the Tamar, the Eshkol enjoy life. Rather than take the easy, laid back approach the Tamar do, the Eshkol see life as a quest for beauty and perfection. No other Awan tribe enjoys the finer things in life as much as the Eshkol, especially when it comes to food and art, which is why they have the best culture in Awan. At least, that is what they would tell you.

Now art can come in many forms, and the Eshkol know this. They appreciate literature from the Uriah tribe, music from the Tamar tribe, and artistry and craftsmanship of all kinds from other tribes, but no art form matters more to them than the culinary arts. To the Eshkol, food and wine is the heart of all customs. It is, after all, what brings people together. No other tribe brings food to the level of art as the Eshkol do; and no other tribe produces finer wines and spirits. Their wine in particular is world renowned.

Because the other tribes have not dedicated themselves to perfecting the techniques of producing, preparing, and serving fine food and wine for centuries, the Eshkol tend to think the other tribes lack in culture. It amazes them that Awan from other tribes can produce fine books, music, and crafts and still be such bumpkins. Many other tribes resent this attitude, especially the Sakhar, but the Eshkol do not care. Why would they?

Eshkol Facts

Tribal Land: Eshkolzar
Location: western Awan
Capital: Minal
Religious Center: Poria
Natural Features: Yepa Mountains; Talia, Aiyana, Waneta & Takoda Rivers
Meloshan: clay red and celadon green
Gemstone: Jasper

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