The Korguya Demons

Black four-point star on red and yellow-green background

Many of the demons of Awan embody the negative aspects of the tribes they mirror, and the Korguya, the demons associated with the Eshkol, are no exception. Both the Korguya and the Eshkol embrace the pleasures in life, especially in the realm of food and drink. But the Korguya go beyond revelry; they wallow in debauchery.

From the naval up, the Korguya appear Awan; at least they would if they didn’t have goat horns and bony wings. And from the naval down, they look like two-legged goats. Yet their goat appendages don’t seem to get in their way. Despite their backward knees and hooves, the Korguya dance better than any other demon, and even most Awan. They love to dance at all night orgies while their musicians fill the air with flute music. Even the Tamar would appreciate the musicality of the Korguya flute players.

Korguya hate the dawn, when their orgies end, and they especially detest the short nights of the summer. Once Fall comes and the nights get longer, the Korguya rejoice. They celebrate with their annual autumn festival, to which they “invite” Awan youth. For weeks prior to the festival, just after the Awan High Holy Days, Korguya abduct young men and women and force them to eat and drink to excess. At the festival, the inebriated youth provide the entertainment for the evening in ways I’d rather not mention. Few recover.

To protect yourself from the Korguya, leave a loaf of bread with caraway seeds near your bed. The Korguya hate caraway and get angry when perfectly good bread is ruined by adding caraway. If you do find yourself among the Korguya, challenge them to show you how well they hold their liquor. They are quite proud of their drinking ability and never say no to a chance to show off. Once they get so drunk that they fall asleep, run.  Run  as fast as you can.

Korguya facts

Parallel Awan Tribe: Eshkol
Realm: foothills and mountains
Threshold: Mt. Patupa in the Yepa Mountains
Nickname: the hedonists

2 thoughts on “The Korguya Demons

  1. Okay, this is clearly your most darling post, especially the last few sentences. Do remember, though, that one man’s debauchery is another man’s 2nd helping of dessert.

    1. Thank you, Donna. Perhaps that’s true, but these guys go well beyond the second helping. That said, second helpings sound good to me.

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