The Asa Tribe

AsaIn some ways the Asa have as much passion for life as the Eshkol do, but their passion centers around health and well being. They are known as the healers of Awan, though not all Asa are healers. Some farm and some own small businesses while others are merchants who trade in the many goods from the Huyana Rainforest, including some of the favorite caffeinated beverages and confection ingredients on Awan. But even when Asa are not healers, they do value health, or at least they would tell you they do.

Farmers and merchants aside, the Asa tribe does produce more healers than any other tribe. The two largest hospitals and the only college for healers on Awan are located in Asanya and are run by the Asa. In fact, only one school outside of Asanya offers healing studies.  Maheertsa in Uriyana was founded almost a thousand years ago by Baram Zitkala, a famous religious leader and the son of King Viho Zitkala. Baram’s wife, Tanese, an Asa healer, founded the healing center at Maheertsa, and healing has been taught there ever since in her honor.

Inter-tribal marriage is not only rare on Awan, but it’s also highly discouraged. Yet that doesn’t stop the Asa from taking pride in having royalty within their tribe. According to tradition, when a man and woman from different tribes have children, the boys join the tribe of their father while the girls join the tribe of their mother. Since Baram and Tanese’s daughters joined the Asa tribe, they started the Asa line of Yuma, the name for the descendants of King Viho Zitkala. Today the Asa Yuma are the only living descendants of the ancient Awan kings. Demons slaughtered all of the Uriah Yuma years ago.

Asa Facts

Tribal Land: Asanya
Location: southern Awan
Capital: Kalosa
Religious Center: Darah
Natural Features: Amitola River, Huyana Rainforest, Hariel Mountains, and Hava Cliffs
Meloshan: mulberry and light aqua
Gemstone: white opal

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