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GailPasternack_headerHappy New Year, or as many Jewish people like to say, Happy Secular New Year. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and is looking forward to the changes to come in 2015. Here on my blogsite, I have a number of changes for the new year. Firstly, I changed the name of to “The Writings of Gail Pasternack.” Secondly, I changed the organization of the site. When you first go to the home page, you will find a static page with links to my blog roll (all of my blogs by date) or to the different sections of the blog: The World of Awan, Jewish Traditions, and Recipes.

New Genre
When I first started blogging, the name “Crossing the Demons’ Threshold” made sense to me because I intended to only blog about the fantasy world I created. I thought the fantasy world was far more interesting than I was and couldn’t understand why anyone would want to read about just me. However, in 214 my writing took a non-fantasy turn. I started writing literary fiction. At first this seemed like a huge departure from what I had written before, but I realized that the themes in my new story were very similar to the themes in all of my stories. Basically, my story and its characters are as much a reflection of me as a writer as are all of my fantasy stories. I have tweaked my site so that my blogs can reflect the themes in all of my writing from now on.

Future Blogs
I have really enjoyed blogging about my fantasy world and its cuisine, and I will continue to do so. To date I have blogged about seven of the tribes of Awan and six of the demons. I have five more tribes and six more groups of demons to add, and I will blog about them over the next year or so. I will also continue to blog about Awan cuisine, but not all of my recipes will come from Awan. Since my new story has characters who are foodies (I couldn’t not write about foodies), I will have recipes from this story as well as gluten-free recipes I am playing with at home. I will also continue to write about Jewish Traditions because my new story has Jewish characters grappling with their religious identity.

There are a number of other themes in all of my stories that I would like to explore on my blog. As time goes on, the blog will evolve to explore these themes.

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  1. Thank you rfrostbanjo! I’m very excited too.

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