The Tenishi Demons

Black four-point star on red and yellow-green backgroundDespite the changes to my blog, I still get the chance to write about the demons of Awan, and I’m excited to write about today’s demon, the Tenishi. The Tenishi have little in common with their associated tribe, the Asa, other than they are both very passionate. Yet, while the Asa are passionate about health and well-being, the Tenishi are passionate about…passion…and seduction. They love parties almost as much as the Korguya, but unlike the Korguya who embrace debauchery for the sake of the sensual pleasure, the Tenishi enjoy the act of seducing unsuspecting Awan. They take pride in their ability to allure and enchant, especially Abizu, the leader of the Tenishi and the wife of Asmodai, the King of Demons.

In their pure form, Tenishi appear human only from the naval up, a little like a mermaid. Instead of having fish tails, though, they have fire flowing downward from their naval. The fire has enough substance to support them and enables them to float just above ground. One might ask how someone with fire shooting from their belly could possibly seduce any thinking person, and that would be a good question. The answer: they have the ability to shape-shift, so when they approach an Awan, they look like people, really sexy people with unusually sharp teeth.

Female Tenishi can shape-shift into vapor, which allows them to blow through the cracks under doors. They use this ability to enter a man’s bedroom, usually when they suspect the man is emotionally vulnerable and most susceptible to their charms. They also enter birthing chambers to strangle newborn babies, which is one of Abizu’s favorite activities. Male Tenishi operate differently. They appear when a woman walks alone in the early evening, enticing her to go to a party with him. With their silver tongues and smooth dance moves, the male Tenishi often sweep lonely woman off their feet. Unlike female Tenishi, the males don’t bother babies since they are long gone before the mothers give birth.

To protect yourself from the Tenishi, you first need to identify them. Of course, if a strange but alluring woman appears in your bedroom or an unknown man suddenly appears and invites you to a party, you can almost be certain they are demons. But just in case you are uncertain, you can check for footprints, which they don’t leave: they do lack feet after all. So, if you sprinkle ashes on the floor and the “person” leaves no footprints, do your best to resist his or her affections. And never follow the Tenishi into their realm or sit down to a meal with them. If you eat their food, you will lose your ability to resist them. If for some reason you need to confront Abizu, there is an amulet inscribed with the names of three angels you can use to defend yourself from her. But since Abizu is the most powerful and tantalizing of the Tenishi, I wouldn’t recommend confronting her, amulet or no amulet.

Tenishi Facts

Parallel Awan Tribe: Asa
Realm: the Hava Cliffs south of Bazeem, Asanya
Threshold: Kishuki Cavern
Nickname: the seducers

4 thoughts on “The Tenishi Demons

  1. What fun! I’ll have to remember the sprinkling ashes trick ;- )

  2. They sound kinda like me. My shape shifting though tends to happen one place, around my waist, and I’m trying to figure out how to reverse that without making any changes to my life.

    1. Too funny, Bill. Let me know if you ever do figure out that shape shifting conundrum.

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