New Life Chapter

At the end of the summer, my life will turn upside down and backwards. Okay, maybe not backwards, but definitely upside down. For the last decade and a half, I have homeschooled my children, but in September my youngest son will embark on his college journey. All parents’ lives change when their youngest leaves home, but for homeschoolers, we lose all of our students. My emotions range from excitement to sentimentality to trepidation. And I can’t help but think, “Great, I’m out of a job and I can’t even collect unemployment! Now what?”

For years, I have written, not as a way to make a living, but as a way to keep sane. When the kids were young, there was just so much finger paint I could stand. When they got older, there was just so much algebra before I wanted to scream. Granted, teaching Art History this year rocked, but still I needed something that was all my own. So it wasn’t too hard to dedicate some time every day to my writing, at least not until my son decided in April which school to attend. Then it hit me, “Crap! It’s almost over.” That’s when writing my blog and engaging in social media came to a temporary halt. I needed to spend more time with my son, more offline time, before he left.

I also needed time to rest. This last year has been both exhilarating and exhausting. In addition to playing the roles of both teacher and parent, I also took on the guise of guidance counselor. I needed to write a twelve page treatise on the Pasternack Academy, which included a mission statement and in-depth descriptions of every course we offered. Then I had to put together a school transcript, mentor my son in the art of college essay writing, and make heads or tails of the online application process. My son and I must have done something right, because in the end he was offered an academic scholarship to the school that seems a perfect fit for him.

So, the question still stands: Now what? Should I become a high school tutor, college application consultant, or college essay writing consultant, or should I figure out how to make a living as a writer? I’ve decided to take the summer to think about it, but if any of you out there have any suggestions (or want to hire me), let me know!

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