The Telem Tribe

TelemIt’s been a while since I last wrote about an Awan tribe; too long, especially since I promised a few months ago that I would write about the Telem tribe. In the spring, I published a recipe for braised brisket and I said that it was a Telem recipe even though many of the ingredients, cocoa, coffee, and chilies, do not grow in Telem. But since the Telem are the only large scale ranchers on Awan, most tribes don’t eat beef like the Telem do. The Telem love beef, so much so that they’re baffled why anyone would eat lamb or fish or most anything else for that matter.

Many things about the other tribes baffle the Telem. They can’t understand why the Uriah tribesmen would study philosophy or religion. Sure, religion has its place, but dissecting the meaning of a single word in an ancient text seems a little obsessive to the practical minded Telem. Not that the Dayag passion for water or the Napak fixation on gems and jewelry make any more sense. And while the Telem respect the Sakhar prowess in trade, they can’t understand the Sakhar fascination with exotic ports. Why go anywhere when you can find all you need at home? Which is why most Telem do not bother to visit the resorts of Ittamar, nor do they understand the Tamar propensity for leisure. No, none of the other tribes make any sense to the Telem, but that doesn’t stop them from fostering good relations with the other tribes. After all, what’s the point in large scale agriculture if you don’t have people to buy your products?

The Telem tribesmen love their homeland and their way of life. And just because they think life should be simple, doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy themselves. They tend to wake up early and spend their days working the land, relishing every moment. Only after a long, hard day of work do they relax by settling down to a meal consisting of beef, beer (or bourbon), a loaf of bread, and something pickled. Oh, and if you add a runny egg to the meal, preferably served on top of that beef, all the better. The Telem have strong feelings about pickles, by the way, and will argue with anyone who thinks that pickling should be restricted to cucumbers. But that’s a blog for another time.

Telem Facts

Tribal Land: Telemaka
Location: central Awan
Capital/Religious Center: Odera
Natural Features: Tokada River, Makawi River, and Maka Plain
Meloshan: Mineral Orange and Moss Green
Gemstone: Citrine

2 thoughts on “The Telem Tribe

  1. Excellent–very glad to a new Awan post!

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