Gail’s Bio

Barcelona EveningI am a writer and photographer. I write commercial fiction with a literary sensibility about characters who on the road to finding themselves wind up in complex, loving relationships. My stories are influenced by my passion for the arts, which includes culinary art, painting, photography, dance, and music.

After I received my masters at Columbia University, I taught at a private high school and for Cornell University Cooperative Extension in New York City. While in these positions, I worked with twice exceptional youth (gifted children with learning disabilities), which gave me the experience necessary to homeschool my children from preschool through high school.

My husband and I currently live in Portland, a place rife with restaurants, Argentine Tango,  writers, and storytellers. It’s hard to live in a place like Portland and not be inspired to create. Now that my children have moved on with their lives, writing and photography have become my full-time jobs, and I’ve taken a position on the board for Willamette Writers.