Gift Searching

In August, I had surgery, which meant that I needed to remove my wedding and engagement rings. My hands have changed. My rings are now too small and taking them off was a struggle. As I ran cold water over my fingers, I thought about how often I had planned to get my rings resized. […]

Gift Imagining

Last week, I entered the Alberta Street Gallery searching for a birthday gift for my son’s girlfriend.  A million questions flooded my head: Which colors would work with her skin tone and stand out against her dark hair? What design might reflect her practical nature with a nod to her whimsy and artful aesthetic? I purchased a pair […]

Inspiring Gift

Shortly after my husband and I got engaged, his parents joined us on a trip to southern Vermont. While driving down rural roads, taking in the brilliant autumn colors, we saw a weathered barn with a sign advertising quilts. Inside, shelves of fabric occupied the cavernous space. On one wall, I saw a poster featuring […]