I’ll Be Seeing You

“What would life be like if you didn’t see magic?” asked Rickie Lee Jones*  Magic in life. Magic in music. That’s what I’ve always heard in her music. I heard Rickie Lee Jones’s rendition of  “I’ll Be Seeing You” on the Pop Popalbum (1991) and was struck by the Spanish guitar and bowed bass introduction. Melancholic […]

So Nice to Come Home to

This past year, I decided it was time to start something I’ve wanted to do for years—learn to sing. My instructor runs a school for jazz musicians, so we explore singing one jazz song at a time. I study each song in depth, from its musical composition to the nuances of its underlying story. Nuances […]


I have a thing for small bites, so few things delight me more than a great tapas experience. Lucky for me, I live within walking distance of my favorite Portland Spanish restaurant—Urdaneta. My husband and I love to sit at the bar, watch Chef Javier and his staff cook, and chat with Jael and her […]

Black Manhattan

I love a good cocktail. Not because I like getting drunk, but because I love experiencing the art form. The blend of complex ingredients. The balance. The depth of flavor.   For years, my favorite cocktail was the Manhattan. With only three ingredients (whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters), it’s both simple and complex. My son, who has […]