Lower Eastside Food Delights

An immigrant food haven—that’s what the Lower Eastside of Manhattan is. It’s one of the few places that celebrates the food brought to this country in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Alan and I visited food destinations that have been in existence since at least the 1910s, though some were started earlier: Russ & […]

Duck and Matzah Brei

On a brisk morning in December 2018, I walked with my husband and son from the Liverpool Street tube station to the Heron Tower in London. We rode the elevator up to the 40th floor and arrived in the glamorous, yet rustic restaurant Duck & Waffle. It had astonishing views of London, but that wasn’t why […]


I love mid-March. We have Pi Day on the fourteenth for us math geeks, the Ides of March on the fifteenth for us literary geeks, and St. Patrick’s Day on the seventeenth for all things Irish. This year on St. Patrick’s Day, in addition to wearing green and drinking Guinness and whiskey, some of us […]


I have a thing for small bites, so few things delight me more than a great tapas experience. Lucky for me, I live within walking distance of my favorite Portland Spanish restaurant—Urdaneta. My husband and I love to sit at the bar, watch Chef Javier and his staff cook, and chat with Jael and her […]