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I’m done with men. I said this over thirty years ago, but then something happened that changed my mind. On Friday, June 24th, I told the story of one of my first dates at a live event at the Shoebox Theater on SE 10th Street. It was a showcase featuring the members of a storytelling class I completed in May. It was such a thrill to perform for an audience, something I haven’t done since the before the pandemic.

But I think my favorite part was going out for drinks afterwards with the group of friends who came to watch. We sat around an outdoor table, drank cocktails, and shared stories. A truly delightful evening!

Some of you may be wondering why I took another storytelling class after my ordination as a Maggidah, a Jewish storyteller. My Maggidah program, run by Rabbi David Zaslow and Maggidah Devorah Zaslow, was extraordinary. It awoke in me a passion for performing live, and I felt the need to delve deeper into the art form.

Two months ago, I enrolled in a storytelling class run by Genevieve Sage, a storyteller, actress, comedy writer, and filmmaker. We spent our time exploring the art of the personal story. In Zen Buddhism, they talk about the Beginner’s Mind—keeping your mind open rather than assuming you know everything. And so I was a beginner again. Genevieve helped me shape my story so I reveal my journey rather than someone else’s experience. She also taught me a method to find the overarching themes in my life. I can’t wait to learn more! 

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