Jewish Traditions

Embracing my Jewish heritage

Life for Jews today is a far cry from that of Anatevka, where life was defined by clear rules of traditions. Many of us have to walk the fine line between fitting in where we live and embracing the culture of our ancestors. We have to ask ourselves some tough questions: Are we spiritually Jewish, ethically Jewish, or just culturally Jewish? How do we raise our children Jewish in a non-Jewish society? After my family assimilated to life in a non-Jewish country, do I even know what being Jewish is?

Personally, I am too much of a liberal American to fully embrace all of the Jewish traditions, but I don’t have to. Instead, I embrace the traditions that work for me and my family, like Sabbath dinner on Friday night, lighting the candles on Chanukah, having a meal in a Sukkah on Sukkot, and holding a Passover seder. Here’s where I talk about my journey to find my Judaism.

Jewish Holidays

There are many Jewish Holidays over the year, and they all have their own traditions, many of which are celebrated in the home. They also have food associated with them, really awesome food. And while I don’t keep kosher, I do enjoy creating recipes inspired by worldwide Jewish cuisine. You can find my blogs about the holidays here.

Jewish Fantasy and Folklore

Jews are storytellers with over five thousand years of stories. As I mentioned in my bio, I love Jewish Folktales. There are tales about demons, magic, clever girls—you name it. I have links to videos of storytellers telling these tales here.

Jewish Shamanism

As defined by the Walking Stick Foundation, Jewish Shamanism is the study of the aboriginal mystery wisdom of Judaism. They say that the teachings of Jewish Shamanism draws on the mystery of the Kabbalah and depends more on the teachings of birds and trees than codes and creeds. The idea behind Jewish Shamanism is that the ancient Jews were more closely connected with nature than we are today, and that if we connect with nature and explore the ancient meanings buried in our texts, we can rediscover the mystery of Judaism. Here is my take on Jewish Shamanism.