My husband and I knew we didn’t want our children to abuse alcohol so we decided not to ban it. We instead encouraged our sons to embrace alcohol in the same way we taught them to embrace fine food. That may sound nuts, but wine and liquor are art forms. We agreed that a prohibition against alcohol risked a rebellion and we didn’t want our children drinking in secret. We thought that if they learned to value a fine scotch or a glorious bottle of wine, they would drink for the pleasure of the experience, rather than drink to get drunk. It has worked beyond our expectations.
My youngest son became passionate about mixology. He befriended bartenders around the world, read stacks of books on the subject, and even entered cocktail crafting contests. His knowledge of cocktails far surpasses mine, and I thoroughly enjoy learning from him.
Recently, my youngest son and I hosted a writers group where we explored how to use the art of making cocktails as inspiration for writing and as a metaphor for the writing process. We called it Cocktail Stories. It was a blast, and our participants loved it.