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Over three evenings in New York City, Alan and I visited our favorite cocktail bars—The Dead Rabbit in the Wall Street neighborhood and Amor Y Amargo and Death & Co. in the East Village.

The Dead Rabbit is a world-renowned Irish pub. We went for drinks and fell in love with the food. A personal favorite: the Irish Coffee Tiramisu, a delightful blend of Irish whiskey, coffee, chocolate, and mascarpone cheese.

Amor Y Amargo is dedicated to Amaro, an Italian herbal liqueur. Chatting with bartenders who love Amaro as much as I do was thrilling. My favorite cocktail of the night, a concoction the bartender made up on the fly, had celery bitters, which created an extraordinary herbaceous yet bitter-sweet flavor. If you’re as excited by the idea of celery bitters as we were, you can order your own from the Amor Y Amargo website.

At Death & Co., we started with two wonderful drinks, Space Sword and Wild Thoughts, both of which are on their current menu. Afterwards, we went with Death & Co. classics. Alan had the Oaxaca Old Fashioned from Death & Co. Modern Classic Cocktails, while I ordered a Warrior Poet from Death & Co. Welcome Home. Aside from having a great name, this last cocktail is a delicious mix of Wild Turkey bourbon, aquavit, vermouth, coconut liquor, and celery bitters.

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Manhattan Cocktail Bars