About Gail’s Recipes

For me, food goes beyond just nourishing the body on a daily basis. Food is fundamental to every culture. It brings people together; friends, family, and even strangers. Holidays have food associated with it, and every season inspires us to try new foods. Cooking can also allow us to express ourselves creatively.

My husband, Alan, and I love food. For us, cooking is an art as well as a craft. We love exploring different restaurants and experimenting with food at home. Alan trained at Peter Kump’s New York Cooking School and worked as a line cook at New York Times three and four star French restaurants. Though he is no longer a professional cook, his experience helps us have fun cooking at home.

Awan Recipes

While all tribes of Awan have a common history and religion, they differ in appearance and cultural traditions. When I first created the tribal cultures of Awan, I thought “What better way to express their similarities and differences than with food?” So, I spent a year researching world cuisines and ingredients, and used what I learned to create different cuisines for my tribes–on paper. But what’s a cuisine on paper? I needed to convert that to real food, and lucky for me, my husband was willing to collaborate with me to create recipes inspired by the world in my head. You can find those recipes here.

Gluten-free Recipes

Several years ago, my oldest son was diagnosed as gluten-intolerant, so we explored the art of gluten-free cooking. Since then, both Alan and I have significantly reduced our gluten intake. I suffer from severe migraines, and some studies indicate that gluten can trigger migraines. Since I have significantly reduced the gluten in my diet, my migraines have reduced. Alan used to have high cholesterol despite what the doctors thought was a healthful diet. Recent studies indicate that the body converts grains to cholesterol. Since reducing the grain in his diet, Alan’s cholesterol has come down to normal levels without medication. Here are our gluten-free recipes.

Holiday Foods

My favorite way to celebrate the holidays is with food. Jews have many traditional foods for the holidays, but I like to experiment and come up with new traditions for my family. You can find my family’s holiday recipes here.