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Whiskey Sipping

My husband loves Guinness, so that’s what he’ll be drinking on St. Patrick’s day. I don’t drink beer, so I’ll opt for a wee bit of whiskey. We’ll imbibe at T.C. O’Leary’s, our neighborhood Irish pub, the spot for the best built Guinness in Portland.

Owned by Thomas Christopher O’Leary, an actor known for the Irish soap opera, Fair City, the pub offers a hearty menu (especially fish n’ chips, shepherd’s pie, and a terrific lamb burger), Irish music, Red Sox baseball, and drinks— a wee bit of whiskey, a cocktail, or a perfect pint. It’s a great place for St. Patrick’s day, of course, or any day you want to enjoy the warmth of community. 
Do you have a go-to pub or bar that never fails to make you feel at home? Tell me about it, and I’ll include your suggestions in an upcoming newsletter.

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