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On a recent Saturday morning, I logged onto Zoom for a group session with other writers. I love connecting with this group and talking about whatever grabs our attention. That morning I mentioned I needed a new podcast to sink my teeth into. One participant suggested I listen to The Bowery Boys: New York City History

A quick search later, I scrolled to an episode from 2020: “Cheers! The Stories of Four Fabulous Cocktails.” The hosts, Greg Young and Tom Meyers, began speaking and mesmerized me with the backstory of four iconic cocktails: the Manhattan, Bloody Mary, Martini, and Cosmo. Now, my morning routine isn’t complete until I’ve listened to one of their over 400 podcasts. Listening to them makes me less homesick for New York.

Greg and Tom are gifted storytellers and their serious research skills bring New York City history alive with each episode. After listening, my mind whirs with ideas for new writing projects. At the moment, too many story ideas clutter my brain, but that’s okay. Once the idea dust settles, the one or two that remain will inspire my writing for years to come!

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