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Map of Awan © Gail A. R. Pasternack

This is the home for everything related to Awan, which is a continent on the fantasy fiction world of Nehemah. The word Awan also refers to the people living there and the language they speak. The twelve regions depicted on the map are home to the twelve tribes of Awan. Yet don’t let the word “tribes” evoke visions of a primitive society. Awan is a pre-industrial world. Except for the Arvid tribesmen, many Awan live in cities and avail themselves of modern conveniences such as streetcars pulled by horses and indoor plumbing. This section also includes blog entries about the demons of Awan. Technically the demons live in a parallel realm, but since demons are so closely associated with the Awan people and often cross-over from their realm, I like to think of it as one world. My blogs in this section fall into the following categories:

Awan Recipes

Everyone eats, even the fictional people of Awan. I spent a full year creating cuisines for each Awan tribe on paper. And now my husband and I are cooking the food from these cuisines. I love the creativity this inspires, and couldn’t be happier with the results! Find all the recipes we created for Awan here.


For as long as anyone knows, there have been twelve Awan tribes. Despite tribal differences, Abiram Wahkan united Awan and became the first king. Kings reigned over a united people for a thousand years until their power faded and Awan divided into separate independent tribal regions. Today Awan is still divided. While all tribes have a common history and religion, they differ in appearance and cultural traditions. You can read about the tribes here.


Where would a fantasy world be without demons? Nehemah is teaming with demons. The Awan continent alone has twelve demon groups, which unlike the Awan people, are united under their King, Asmodai. You can find my blogs about demons here.